What We Do

Mobile Application

Design, Develop, Deliver. By studying market trends through innovation approach and mindset, we can collaborate between technology and lifestyle or business needs. A proper application can help digitalized development of your business.

Applications development that KiosLabs do is include: Personal Digital Assistant, Enterprise Digital Assistant, Augmented Reality, and Multimedia Content.

We can develop several mobile platform such as Android, iOS and Blackberry that integrated with Web Based Content Management System.


In the evolution of a digital era, creating a big opportunities for a product to global market. E-Commerce is giving a chance to business associates to sell their product to a bigger market.

E-Commerce is giving you the practical, comfortable, fast, anytime and anywhere shopping experience. E-Commerce transaction can be done in computer or mobile device.

KIOSLabs offer E-Commerce platform solution that is integrated, safe and practical for efficient transaction that can be made from a wide variety of devices. You can serve customers faster, reduce operating costs, increase efficiency in business to increase your profits.

NFC/RFID Technology

NFC and RFID both employ radio signals for all sorts of tagging and tracking purposes, sometimes replacing bar codes. NFC is still an emerging technology; RFID, however, is currently in widespread use all over the world.

RFID often works well at distances of many feet; otherwise, you'd have to veer your car dangerously close to a toll gate in order to make sure the reader accepted your payment. And RFID is a one-way communication system, in which data flows from tags to the reading equipment.

NFC technology is a newer, more finely honed version of RFID. It operates at a maximum range of about 4 inches (10 centimeters) and can be set up for one-or two-way communications.

Cross Platform Application

  • Wide range of mobile devices and platform (Appleā€™s IOS, Android, Blackberry and windows mobile).
  • Using agile development methodology to deliver cross platform mobile development projects.
  • KIOSLabs experience building mobile apps using standard web technologies HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript is unparalleled.
  • KIOSLabs expert can create a multi platform based expirience that will meet your user, business, industry and vertical needs.